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CD is available at all shows or see link below

Soul-R Fusion's brand new CD release

"Like a Circle 'Round the Sun"

16 new original songs

Soul-R Fusion in an intimate setting, sounding just as they are. Like two old friends sitting in your living room.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Sanchez at The Purple Studio in Wilmington N.C.



Soul-R Fusion

Soul-R Fusion makes its own music. The duo’s name is derived from “solar fusion,” the combining of atomic particles to form new atoms, which generates the energy of the sun. By combining their diverse musical influences, these two accomplished musicians have developed their own style. 
Soul-R Fusion: Alex slyly comments on Tim’s clever and heartfelt lyrics, rhythmic guitar and rustic vocals with otherworldly fretless bass lines- combined, they create unique songs that radiate positive energy and never lose the groove. 
Soul-R Fusion has been playing around Wilmington N.C. for the past four years, gaining new friends every time they play as well as respect from their musical peers. Fans know a Soul-R Fusion show is not only a good time, but an energizing musical journey.





Wilmington NC United States